We know all the fun bits about the new for 2015 200, but what we're not so familiar with is the background hubbub at Sterling Heights that is being poured day in and out into ensuring the new 200 climbs out of the rental bin and into a driveway near you. Chrysler has LONG suffered for quality reasons, customers were endlessly unsatisfied and product flaws and deviations were more regular than not.

This sounds like a good time to meet the Quality Assurance Center at Sterling Heights. IF you guessed what the quality assurance center is up to, good for you did someone help with the definitions? Vehicles will be picked off the line at random and subjected to a gamut of auditing techniques from detailed 4D tech measurements, heating, cooling, fit and finish all the way through emissions...

The goal is to design each workstation so its impossible to make a mistake, explained Doug Betts, senior vice president of quality at Chrysler. The best expert on how to error-proof a specific assembly job is the person who does it every day thats why its so important to
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