Hi everyone this is my first post and I have checked the other posts to see if one answers my question, there wasn't one.

Basically I swapped the front interior dome lights to my white LEDs. No problem.

Popped the cover off the back seat dome lights and did the swap as well. The lights went on so I knew the polarity was correct. Replaced cover and proceeded to "push" the cover to turn the lights off... didn't work and lights stayed on.
I took the covers off again and saw that where you insert the big clip of the cover, there are 2 white "sensors" I put my screwdriver in there and moved them around, the lights went off. I replaced the covers and went to "push" to turn them on... didn't work. No matter how many times I fiddle with it the lights are either on or off manually with the screwdriver and I can no longer push on the cover to turn them on. They don't even turn on when I open the car door.
Someone help please!