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Thread: Heater Core Replacement

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    Quote Originally Posted by jxbane View Post
    What's up guys - one of the final updates on this job:

    I had a Chrysler dealership swap out the core after I had removed all interior trim and bolts holding the dashboard and steering column.

    I was still quoted 5.5 hours of labour - which I feel is a bit too high considering they were to return the car as-is - but I just wanted the work finished.

    Side note: anyone else notice that mechanics get a bit testy if you happen to be less than oblivious about cars?

    I had the car towed back home yesterday afternoon and today I have put everything except the glove-box back into the car. No leaks found while refilling the coolant. After a road test I'll know how well everything is working.

    --Here's the $$$ info that I think is most important--

    I was quoted 10 hours labour for the entire job including removing and re-installing interior trim + dashboard. Labour at the dealerships in my city is $120/hr+13% tax. I saved a bit over $610 CAD by doing the interior work myself. The heater core I had purchased for $240+tax.

    I would not recommend doing this in the winter or at least without a heated garage.
    You took on a difficult job that many wouldn't even try. Plus you saved some money. Thanks for detailing your experience for all of us. Great job !

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    Quote Originally Posted by fltru103 View Post
    You took on a difficult job that many wouldn't even try. Plus you saved some money. Thanks for detailing your experience for all of us. Great job !
    Thank you! I think this would have been a fun job in the summer.

    For all of the prying needed to remove various panels, not a single piece of plastic broke off. I hope that serves as encouragement to anyone needing to do anything similar.

    After 100km of driving, I now know that I have a blast furnace for a heater core. The air blows warm very quickly. The passenger side vents are now on par with the heat from the driver's side as well. I thought that may have been the typical blend door issue but not this time.

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    Your car is newer, but I've found this is not an isolated issue. In January I had my 2012 Chrysler 200 to the dealer because I had no heat coming out of any vents on the passenger side. They told me there was a star case that recommended replacing the heater core, thermostats AND radiator. Further research came up with Star Case S1207000008. I'm not sure what the "star case" means? The repair guy told me to call 800-992-1997 and see if Chrysler would help any with this repair since it is a design flaw with the engine. I did that today and was told that my 'warranty' expired at 36,000. miles. I bought it used and knew then I had no warranty. All I got was a bunch of lip service about how they couldn't do anything because this was not under warranty, oh, and they were sorry. This whole thing has soured me greatly on ever owning another Chrysler. Unfortunately I'm no mechanic so fixing this myself is not an option. I hope you had good success! and no more issues.
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