Tuned 2016 Cherokee 3.2 1/4 Results are in!
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Thread: Tuned 2016 Cherokee 3.2 1/4 Results are in!

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    Default Tuned 2016 Cherokee 3.2 1/4 Results are in!

    Had a chance to finally get to the track after all the work I’ve done to my Cherokee, yes its a Cherokee and not a 200 but as i've stated before its very close to the 200 and the mods are the same, as you will see they work well.

    2016 Cherokee Trailhawk 3.2 V6
    Ported Lower Intake Manifold
    MMX Ported Throttlebody
    AFE Momentum GT Intake
    Flowmaster Super 10 + Magnaflow Resonator
    Custom PCM & TCM Tune from Player 3 Performance

    My best time completely stock (Other than AFE intake) was [email protected]

    My best time last year same as above but with 255/55/18 tires on Factory limited 18” wheels, and the skid plates and spare tire removed ¼ tank fuel was [email protected]

    This year the same weight reduction as above applied vehicle set up exactly the same, race weight of 4400lbs

    Density Altitude was 450ft

    My best run was

    60ft 2.269
    330 6.330
    1/8 [email protected]

    1/4 [email protected]

    Timeslip https://ibb.co/f0yjDZ4

    The above time was run in Sport mode ESP Full off and launching at 2500rpm

    My Second best time was

    60ft 2.261
    330 6.348
    1/8 [email protected]

    1/4 [email protected]

    Timeslip https://ibb.co/7WvfGtW
    The above time was run in Sport mode ESP Full off and launching at 2500rpm

    I did a run in Auto Mode with ESP Full Off launching at 2500rpm

    60ft 2.287
    330 6.416
    1/8 [email protected]

    1/4 [email protected]

    Timeslip https://ibb.co/KbgwFQf

    I then ran immediately after in Spot mode launching at 2500rpm (vehicle was hot)

    60ft 2.323
    330 6.452
    1/8 [email protected]

    1/4 [email protected]

    Timeslip https://ibb.co/zbHJm8k

    After the above runs the timing system went down and we did good old fashion racing manually.

    I ended up lining up against a 3.5 Twin Turbo Ford Flex, and beat him twice.


    I’m more than happy with the results and believe me heads were turned at the track today when people were coming over to ask what was going on with my vehicle. I also learned a lot about how my vehicle works while being flogged quite hard. You’ll notice a large difference in the times and mph between Sport and Auto mode. The main reason for the difference is the shift points between 1-2 2-3 3-4 are at 6500rpm (Its 7000rpm in sport mode) the timing map is also less aggressive which explains why I lost some speed. It would appear one of the factors in getting a better time(In sport mode) was raising the shift points (thanks to the TCM tuning)

    The vehicle launches hard and fast, as you can hear in the videos I have some tire spin at launch and I think that it my limiting factor to getting a lower 60ft The vehicle spins off the line hooks up and then shortly after starts spinning again for a bit. I’ve verified the vehicle is sending max power to the rear so it would appear I need better tires but I don’t think I’ll be making that investment. When I was stock it was impossible to get the vehicle to launch hard, all related to traction control and torque management For my 15.12 run vs my 15.17 run I slightly adjusted the “brake on torque” setting in HP Tunes, I had previously modified the values to reduce the torque management and reduced it even more, it was noticeable in how hard the vehicle left the line I ran faster (slightly) but I also had a little worse 60ft.

    I was very surprised at my runs against the Ford Flex. I spoke with the driver after the first race and confirmed he was stock and had a 3.5TT, we had a bunch of good runs but I was still ahead by approx. 1 car at the end of the ¼ mile.

    If I go back to my predictions of what I would run (from my tuning thread) I wanted a [email protected] I fell slightly short of the MPH but beat the ET. I’m so close to getting a 14s slip I almost don’t want to give up now and try to get that 14.99. The weather conditions were absolutely fantastic so any future track days won’t be as ideal.

    To recap. From my original stock run of [email protected] to my current best is a reduction of 1.22s and my ET was faster by 5.21mph Compared to my last years run of [email protected] is a reduction of 0.93s and a gain of 4.94mph. People can have their opinions but the Pentastar engine and ZF 9 speed responds quite well to modifications.

    I will be out again on May 11th possibly chasing the 14s time slip.

    Either way the proof of concept for tuning my Cherokee is complete and the results speak for themselves.
    2016 Cherokee Trailhawk
    AFE Intake
    MMX Ported TB
    "PUG" Ported Lower Intake Manifold
    Flowmaster Super 10
    Player3 Custom Tune (With adjusted VVT Cams)

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    Thats Awesome!! Youll def get into the 14s. That ford owner gotta be disappointed! (hee-hee)
    2015 200c 3.6 fwd

    Magnaflow cat-back exhaust
    K&N C.A.I.
    RPM torque tube
    RPM base stage 93 octane tune
    225/50r17 Hankooks noble s2
    Amsoil 5w20
    Amsoil P.I. before oil changes
    Amsoil dominator coolant boost
    Stant 18 psi coolant cap
    Tree air freshners under seats

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    This is why I was surprised you were running in the 16's originally - then again you explained the altitude where you were running the 16's wasn't @ sea level

    "Black Knight" was my father's trucker CB handle.

    2015 Chrysler 200 S AWD
    Factory tuned, RPM Torque Tube

    2013 Chrysler 200 Limited V6
    Lease returned 1/28/17

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