I need to make a correction. It was $2200 I was quoted. Just ran across my info again.

Between the sunroof, the failed brake booster, dealer damaged electrical connectors (from brake booster repair), and the intermittent failure of the safety tech, I traded the car for a Grand Cherokee.

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This happened to me while I still had my bumper-to-bumper warranty (about 25,000 kms). But the dealer just opened and closed it and it was okay. Fortunately for me I took pictures and there was a service record for this (you'll see why in a minute). Flash forward to 75,000 Kms (or thereabouts) and the sunshade wrinkles again. I go to the dealer thinking this will be under warranty again because I paid for the 100,000 km / 5 year extended warranty. This is when I learned that the sunshade is classified as a "trim piece" and therefore not covered. The dealer wanted me to pay $3000 for a new shade and installation. A quick call to Chrysler explaining this had occurred before (during warranty) and there was no proper fix applied. So the repair was ultimately covered by Chrysler as the issue had first occurred during my warranty. I've read of a few people having these issues with the sunroof, so I'm hoping someone may find some help from reading about my experience.