Hello all,<br><br>This morning I ran into an issue with my trunk. I explained it carefully below:<br><br> It is the strangest thing, because when I press the trunk release from the driver-side button and/or the key remote, the car does the function for opening the trunk. The rear lights blink, and I think I heard it make a noise the first time I did it, but I'm not sure. Now every time I press it the lights blink (so I'm guessing the trunk latch release command is being sent) but I do not hear any noise. I've tried pressing on the trunk with my hands manually to see if I can squeeze it or something.. because I know sometimes it doesn't close right. But it doesn't even budge a little bit. It's squeezed very tight. I had JUST opened it like 10 minutes ago before that in the morning to put away my car cover. It was having a little bit of trouble closing right before, but I got it to budge.<br><br>So there you go. Is there anything you recommend me guys? I'm afraid I may have to go to the dealer and loose a few hundred bucks over this I doubt this sort of issue is covered in the extended warranty. It is a v6 convertible