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    My Rocket Ship
    Vivid Blue
    3.6 Rocket Motor, Customer Preferred Pkg. 26L, Comfort Group, Nav & Sound Group 1, (Alpine Sound System, 9 speakers w/sub/506 watts, 19" Hyper Black Aluminum Wheels

    I'm a die hard Mopar Freak. I had a '68 Charger R/T as my 1st car at 16, and along the way... a '68 GTX Vert, a '70 Bee and many others. I still have my high school '70 Challenger R/T along with a 2010 Challenger R/T Classic & a '62 Polara for a Max-Wedge project doing a 512 stroker in it. I traded in my daily driver '13 Chrysler 200 for the AWESOME revamp of the 2015 200. WoW! What a difference! The car is a space ship! People think it's a BMW (LoL) I picked it up off of a lease with 29K/miles and had the trans re-programmed for my personal driving habits and it runs sweet & fast! FCA made a mistake by discontinuing production! They should have promoted the 3.6/200 as a performance car similar to a Subaru WRX and not a normal grocery getter with the 2.4. They would have sold many more that way.....

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