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  • 1350S ·
    How do I attach files, it keeps saying that I'm over the size, trying to post adobe files from Tech Authority
    fltru103 ·
    Good morning ! Hope your Thanksgiving was a wonderful time with family.
    Have you been able to open several posts ? The one about the ODB2, which appears to be a duplicate post, and the other about headlights not turning on. I only get a blank white page.
    Hopefully we can attempt to bring a little life back to this forum. I currently look for any news and will start to post whatever I can find.
    BIUS ·
    I would like to invite you to join my new forum, It is dedicated to the history and evolution of the automobile, and the great minds who contributed.

    Black Knight ·
    I believe from what I have read here that it is normal, there should be something in the owners manual about that.

    When it's that cold, it goes into "protection mode" (for lack of better technical terms). After the transmission reaches a certain temperature, it should shift normally, there might be a workaround like manual shift. I have never experienced that with this car, it hasn't gotten that cold here since I have owned a Chrysler 200.
    nandrade ·
    Thanks for the service bulletin for the "Idler Pulley Noise During Cold Start"

    Do you know anything about the 200 transmission not shifting out of second gear on a -30 morning cold start?
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