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  • danchoi1234 ·
    mot la hoc ke toan tai vinh phuc
    hai la hoc ke toan tai quang ninh
    ba la hoc ke toan tai hai duong
    tai hoc ke toan tai cau giay
    Chi co tai ke toan ha noi , i voi
    + trung tam ke toan thu duc
    Khai giang cac lop hoc ke toan thuc te tot nhat
    Nhan lam dich vu ke toan uy tin
    ColtenL2 ·
    Hey Fernboy61, I'm new to this and all but I have a 2015 Chrysler 200 Limited with what i think is just the six speaker system. The car came with the 5.0 uConnect but I have since upgraded to the 8.4 uConnect. I really want to upgrade the way the car audio sounds but I have no clue where to start. I had a car audio place install a Line Out converter to have my two 12 inch subs put in. I asked them how to make my car sound better and they said the only way was to upgrade my head unit. I do not want to change my head unit, I would though like to know what you did to your car and how I can go about this confusing process. I don't know if you reply on this forum or if you just email me back. If you email it's [email protected] Thanks
    soflo200 ·
    Can you unlock that thread i made about the self shifting transmission, I was getting more traction in the one i created opposed to the one I posted in, it seems that main thread slowed down heavily and was inactive for a month. I really need to get this figured out! thank you!
    Fernboy61 ·
    drivers side door mount on your right when you open the door right beside the tire pressure sticker. You'll have it under the format MM-YY. I had to call Chrysler to know the specific day. They can tell you with the VIN.
    jlink ·
    how do I find the build date for my 2015 200. It's not on the window sticker is it? Is it on the door?
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