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Chrysler 200
Anthracite Metallic
8.4 Nav and Alpine and the 19's
Bought it from the dealer with just under 4k on it. Was a loner car. $19k (USD) out the door. Paid cash, had money then. Broke as a joke now. That was....idk, Dec-Feb of last/this year? Slightly over 30k miles now. 99.75% highway miles.
2016 Chrysler 200 $ (Anthracite Metallic)


Can't remember what I did first. K&N drop in filter. Made a better intake tube. Overkill throttle body, port matched to the intake tube, adapter plate, and upper manifold. Solidified the dogbone mount. Hacked up the fender intake tube, increase the diameter and put a proper velocity stack on the end. Prototyped the Good ridge stainless steel brake lines. Made the Wrangler 180* t-stat work with our engine (Mishimoto one, haven't verified it works with the Ripped t-stat yet). Currently working on porting the lower manifold like no one else has yet, and been working on something everyone with a Pentastar wants. Not 1 person has it. Almost forgot, I can't prove it, but I'm pretty sure the MSD coils we're a result from a message I sent to them and Accel. It wasn't via email, it was their website contact form. Magically 2 months later there's a coil for Pentastar's. Most expensive Mobil1, usually stock oil filter.
Just expensive floor mats.
Blacked out tail lights, rear reflectors, and fender markers/reflectors.
Lol.... I pulled out every speaker and measures resistance. Everything was 3ohm. I then removed the protectiveness fabric that was over the speakers. Removed the subwoofer cover. Removed the rear deck, put foam in spots, fixed 3rd brake light rattle and other rear deck (possible) rattles. Forgot, when I reinstalled all the speakers I put 3m padding around them where they made contact to the other surface. I rock a rooted Android device with multiple music enhancements/tuning.
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