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Purchased 1/14/2012 from Egolf Motors in Hendersonville, NC. LOVE this car. Traded my 2006 300C for it since a new 300C was out of my price range. I didn't want to buy used - I wanted the peace of mind of a brand new car. The 200 gives me all the bells, whistles and buttons with better gas mileage, sporty looks, uber super stylish interior and it's easier on my wallet in the form of payments, gasoline fill ups, and insurance costs.

Currently, I'm on the hunt to find a dealer/installer to hook up the Park View back up camera that is available on other Chrysler models. I want the back up camera through the Nav system and not as an add-on rear view mirror or dash mounted one. NOT successful so far, but getting closer to my goal! (I'm aware the LockPick is available, but no one will install in my area. Being just a girl, dash rip outs aren't my game *laughs*. I might have attempted this endeavor if I didn't have 2 blown disks in my back - makes it kinda hard to do some twisting and manuevering to remove and then reinstall the dash/media center cover...)

The only other accessories I plan on adding are: window tint, sunroof air deflector, and a lift from Redline. I have been looking at some smoking hot wheels from CarID, so maybe when I get bored with the factory set, I might upgrade...

Thanks for reading and I am enjoying being a part of the 200 forums!

2012 Chrysler 200 S (Black on Black)


Smoke Window Air Deflectors 1/31/2012



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