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  1. Chrysler 200 Engine and Technical Discussion
    Hello, this weekend I replaced my alternator on my 2014 Chrysler 200 3.6 L instead of taking it to Firestone for $800. Once free, the alternator was impossible to remove regardless of its orientation so I had to remove the radiator fans and in doing so much more. It was dark by the time I...
  2. Chrysler 200 Engine and Technical Discussion
    I have looked through the other threads that I could find, but have yet to find this mentioned. I got said car 6 months ago, from a side lot at a dealership. It was purchased there by an "old lady" who then traded it for an SUV as she was having back/hip problems and the car was too low for her...
  3. Chrysler 200 Engine and Technical Discussion
    o I recently bought a 11 Chrysler 200 I also own a 13 Chrysler 200 the 11 has a 3.6l v6 the 13 has a 2.4l inline 4 So I did the swap out engine for engine also changed the engine harness the body harness into the cab change the ignition/skim I changed the pcm in the engine bay but I’m currently...
  4. General Discussion
    Hello All, I have a 15 Chrysler 200s AWD and I love it! I added a stage 3 performance chip and I really love the power and torque it added to my car. My acceleration is amazing now! I have a YouTube channel called "Viralspeed" come check out my channel. I will be uploading more videos of my car...
  5. Chrysler 200 Do It Yourself Articles
    Hey people, hoping someone here has ran into this issue before. When the engine is cold it will run fine. But at warmer temps it hiccups and loses vacuum intermittently. At higher speeds it is fine but super rough idling. It's a 2015 chrylser 200 3.6.
  6. Chrysler 200 Engine and Technical Discussion
    2012 Chrysler 200 will not start. It cranks and cranks, but no boom. Here’s… The Back Story: My nephew had possession of the vehicle about a year ago. The car started overheating (as they explained it). Then one day, the main coolant hose broke (part with the coolant fill cap attached). So the...
  7. Chrysler 200 Engine and Technical Discussion
    Went to work this morning with no issues at all. Turned my car on and as soon as I put the car in drive. My ETC light was blinking, engine light came on, and my stability control light came on. The car drives but every time I try to accelerate I hear a clicking noise coming from near the top of...
1-7 of 7 Results