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  1. Chrysler 200 General Discussion Forum
    I recently purchased a 2016 200c and turns out the sunroof drip tray was no attached to the main moving panel of the sunroof,Because of this there has been a slight leak in my sunroof and some noise Below i have attached the part thats not attached even though i have it in my possesion. please...
  2. Chrysler 200 General Discussion Forum
    Video of sunroof. Hi everyone. Today I started having issues with my sunroof while I had it venting and now I can't seem to get it to close by itself. The sunroof appears to only want to stay in the venting position. Pressing the open button only nudges it. Pressing the close button will open...
  3. Chrysler 200 Do It Yourself Articles
    I just got a 200 S with the panoramic sunroof and it's fantastic. However, the dealership that I got it from was unfamiliar with automatic sunroof shades and I think they tried to manually open and close it and broke the plastic pieces that keep the shade along the track. So, now, both of...
1-3 of 3 Results