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Okay, I inherited this thing after my mother had a partial leg amputation and subsequently never left the nursing home due to other issues. This 2012 LX is Tungsten PDM and has already had a front end repair back in 2014 (she ran off the road A WEEK after she bought it going back to the dealer and the 2 tow trucks pretty much ripped the front bumper off). Got it back 3 months later from the collision shop. Later in 2014 she got in another crash when she had a green arrow and the other driver ran a red... passenger's side of the fascia was damaged again, the absorber block was broken on that side, the fender bracket was damaged, 2 of the 3 mounts for the headlight were destroyed, reinforcement bar was pushed back about a half inch, and there was a crease in both the fender and hood. Basically it was taped back together with that speed tape crap that NASCAR uses while waiting for the Gecko to get their behinds in gear to get the claim crap done. The Gecko fell through and to this day the claim hasn't been completed. I ended up basically using nylon strap to hold this thing together enough to drive (the tape was wearing off and the fascia was sagging so bad it was almost laying on the ground).
Fast forwards to January. Car has been mine for about 6 months (she couldn't sign the paperwork due to the viral panic). A brake line blew in my other car and I ended up driving the 200 out to visit a friend. Nailed a deer on the way home. Luckily the ABS didn't work (I've seriously put 2 RF wheel sensors in it now and the 3rd will be shortly) so the nose dived down when the brakes locked and the headlight (exploded), hood, and the fender (bent) took the brunt of the hit. Also ended up replacing the radiator support (upper bar bent and some broken plastic), hood hinges (bent), fender liners (both broken at the bottom in the front) and the air filter box (broken) because of the deer (and for some stupid reason the washer hose and nozzles) and I've also replaced the rest of the damaged bumper parts too as well as getting a replacement pair of headlights off of eBay (pass side wasn't just broken mounts but the LED halo had died too a couple years after the crash).

I'm sure you're wondering what my issue or question is at this point. See, I need a photo of a 200 with the fascia removed. It seems as though that the shop who did the collision repair back in early 14 didn't put a couple of the fascia brackets back in (don't know how or why). The ones under the headlights are and have been missing, and the fascia is sagging. I have no issue getting them (they're like 6 bucks a piece), but I don't have any idea how they mount, what hardware is used to mount them, nothing. I know they're in the parts diagrams, and I know there's tabs on the fascia that go into them, but they're not there and never have been at any time I have removed the fascia (which has been off at least twice since the crash in late 14 before the deer).

I know you're also wondering why I didn't go through insurance either... 1. Who knows how much the damage was from 2014 PLUS the deer hit, 2, I don't need a claim on my record, and 3, it's all cosmetic damage. If it was a major frame repair I'd have done differently. It's all back together except I need to find a hood, I'm waiting on the washer tube to come in the mail, and I need to get another grille assembly (originally broken in 2 pieces in 14, broken again from the deer, was zip tied together at the top) and get the windshield replaced (opening hood morning after deer put a hole in the corner by the driver's mirror and cracked it due to bent hinges I didn't notice until after the damage was done otherwise wouldn't need it). This car doesn't need to be totalled with cosmetic damage and only 77K...

I hate projector headlights... only reason I hit the deer is because I couldn't see the dam thing until it was literally right in front of me... (no fog lights on this thing). On a perfectly clear night. We didn't get snow until like a week later.

Oh, and seriously, don't buy grilles off of eBay... they're trash. Unless it's from a junkyard and is an OEM.

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Welcome to the forums. Condolences on your mom.
I've been in the business and seen artists and sculptors in the collision dept. I've also seen short cuts and incompetence.
The car has had its share of hard knocks, but is still fairly low miles. Front end clips are crash parts. Used crash parts are in demand and new crash parts are expensive. There are some counterfeit parts out there too. Ask for Mopar parts up front and you will have a better chance at a quality outcome. I agree with OEM parts.
Measure the structure first to be sure everything is straight before hanging panels.




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