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2013 chrysler 200 2.4l engine intermittent stalls and obd2 connector is disabled!

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My 18 y.o. daughter bought a Chrysler 200 a couple of weeks ago and it ran great on test drive and i even hooked up my obd2 reader and no codes, so we bought the car. The car has 183k miles on it and it is a Florida car.

After a couple days the cars started stalling randomly and we had it towed home after car stalled. I started researching the issue. WoW, was I surprised to see all the post on intermittent stalls for this particular car. After getting the car home and as i was looking under the drivers side dash to hook up OBD2 I realized the previous owner had pulled some of the wires out of the connector, probably so i could not see all the codes when i was buying the vehicle (shady, I know) so it was a Guessing game. I attempted to find a wiring diagram to reconnect the obd2 connector with no luck so I started throwing parts at the problem.

Here's what i have done so far;

1. Replaced the starter with a new one and wirebrushed cable ends.
2. Pulled battery, took to autozone and had it load tested, it was only 1 year old and it is good so I cleaned battery terminals and cables really good.
3. Added a second ground cable and attached it from negative battery terminal to the engine block to ensure a good ground.
5. Pulled the FuseBox assembly (TIPM)? under the hood and cleaned and sprayed all connectors with electrical spray. there was zero corrosion in the box.
6. Replaced the crankshaft position sensor.
7. Replaced the spark plugs with new ngk and replaced the coil packs at same time. Old spark plugs were not too bad, 1 or 2 plugs a little white which i beleives means running lean.

Things i am ready to do next;
1. I Have bought a new throttle body and gasket to install
2. I have bought an intake manifold gasket and ready to install as i install the throttle body.
3. I have purchased 4 new fuel injectors and ready to install.
3. I am heading to our local scrap yard today to see if i can pull the OBD2 connector off of the same model 200 they have in their yard and that should allow me to reconnect the (Colored Wires) to the obd2 connector on my daughters car so I can quit guessing and pull some codes.

The model is 2013 Chrysler 200 2.4l Sedan, and I going crazy trying to figure out what is causing the intermittent stalls, my Daughter is ready to sell the car, but I am determined to fix this thing.

A few factors,

1. the car seems to stall out more after a Hard Rain and moisture may be a factor? Thats why I put on the new Coil packs.

2. the starter sometimes continues cranking on after starting, leads me to beleive it is a weak voltage signal, thus i installed a 2nd ground to engine block but i have not installed 2nd ground to transmission. This happened on the old starter and the brand new starter i installed. I checked over the yellow solenoid wire very good and actually put a new connector on it as the previous connector was extremely loose, the yellow wire may have a corrosion inside somewhy and it is still a suspect on my radar for the cause.

3. Engine will surge up to 4000 rpm when started and then drops to zero quickly sometimes when trying to start. (Leads me to beleive Thottle body), which I purchased and ready to install. I did Clean some carbon out of existing Throttle body while i had it off during starter replacement and old one is very clean but could have internal damage so i bought new one ($50bucks) on Amazon.

I am hoping to get the OBD2 connector hooked up later today so I can stop guessing and throwing parts at this car, reminds me of the old days working with my father before OBD2! We threw parts at the broken down cars until we fixed it and it was still cheaper than taking to mechanic. I learned that way.

Please help, my daughter starts college at UCF in Orlando this summer and I wanted this to be a reliable transportation for her. She worked very hard at starbucks to save the $3,100 she paid for this car and I am determined to get this gremlin out of this car system and make it reliable car for her.

First time on the forum so please go easy on me. I hope i posted in the correct place. I will update with codes as i get the OBD2 reconnected after my junkyard visit, but if anyone has a wiring diagram for this car's OBD2 connector that would be awesome.

Thanks a million to all whom take the time to read and contribute!
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There is only the TIPM out front for fuses. There is an auxiliary relay box behind it:
Font Rectangle Parallel Brand Pattern

The metal housings should be at body ground potential (0 volts) if they are attached to the body or engine.
If there is a voltage reading between the engine, body or battery (-) terminal, you have a ground issue.

The TIPM does store fault codes. As can the PCM, Cluster (CCN), WIN (key/security node) & several oter important modules.
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The remote start option will keep the car from cranking with the hood open by design. Hood position sensor is next to washer reservoir.
Note the power adapter below the radio is switched and is only powered when ignition is in acc/run position
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