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2016 Chrysler 200 S, 1998 Sebring JX
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Welcome home. I consider maintenance a pre-emptive repair. Fluids do carry 'dirt & debris' and additives break down and wear out.
A full fluid change is good practice at regular intervals (say every 60K miles?).

Bleed the brakes at all 4 wheels until it runs clear. As the brake fluid ages, it darkens and absorbs water.

Change the Power steering fluid, this should be the same stuff as for the transaxle. ATF+4 that meets Chrysler MS-9602. The Walmart Supertech ATF+4 meets this Material Standard and smells like the Mopar stuff, the Castrol Transmax ATF+4 does not.

For the transaxle, the factory manual still says to drop the pan and change the filter. This gives an opportunity to see what's at the pan bottom and on the magnet. Clean, reassemble and refill. If there is no external leaks, put back in what came out. I made a dipstick out of a piece of old speedometer cable. Listen for the 'thunk' as it hits the pan bottom and go no further. It varies quite a bit warm to cold. I go by the chart below:

Cooling system service is about every 10 yrs/150K miles. Use an OAT based coolant meeting Chrysler MS-12106. A 50/50 mix with distilled water is good. I save the condensate from the dehumidifier in a couple gallon jugs for distilled water.
Chrysler says that no additives are necessary, but I add a bottle of Techron to the tank once a year.

The V6 had a software update on TSB # 18-102-16A. It can make a difference in driving & shifting if it hasn't been done already:
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