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Current issues:
+the wiper fluid nozzle on the driver side broke, like wtf.
+rear upper control arms are bent, it's crazy ****, they were probably slightly bent when I got it, but shortly after I put some 20s on it and during noticed the bends, after a few thousand miles on the 20s, the arms were janked, pulled the wheels off and replaced them with lightweight 18s. Bought MOOG adjustables, yet to install
+AC has a leak, currently searching for location
+while parked uphill or level, car occasionally refuses to release out of park, have to hold brake pedal down for undetermined amount of time
+cruise control button won't work most of the time
+of course the front left *clunk* every single Fhxifogm 200 has, believe it's the strut mount from others claims
+traction control light randomly comes on most of the time. Combine the torquey 290 hp with a mopar intake, unrestricting the exhaust as much as is reasonable, and a custom tune, I have to be VERY light footed to not spin the tires, and I have fresh quality tires.
+remote start is long gone, even before the tune, the check engine light would come on for fuel related issues that didn't exist often.
+my trade in value is (let's pretend it's bone stock ) is MAYBE $5k if I'm lucky.. I've had the car since 2014, at 25k miles. Just had the clunk then, and I got, at the time, a decent deal on the car, being a fully loaded leather interior 300hp poor man's luxury sport sedan rocket, I was stoked. It's original price was $29,000. I paid 11,750 after financing. I owe like 6300. Even with the (modest and properly done, mopar intake, intake resonator delete, high flow cats,flowmaster muffler, hemifever diablo tune) modifications decreasing the value I should not be over $1500 upside down, but I am, so I'm repairing what I can myself and putting it up for sale privately for a period of time before settling for trade value, and getting rid of this monumental dissapointment that had soooo much potential! It's a joy to drive, especially slightly upgraded, it's a modern day sleeper, grossly overpowered for its class and a great styling on the inside and out. Considering you can have mine for $6,000 right now, it's a **** of a bargain. All the bells and whistles fall apart, you still have the 3.6 pentastar and ever-over enthusiastic 6 speed trans that has so much torque, they put a bigass steering wheel on and old people were still taking them back to the dealerships saying there was something wrong with their car, or saying that the car was way too dangerous to drive. If this is where the issues stop, I'll be ok keeping it, but at this rate, I'm 100% sure that things will continue to fail. I wonder what the market is for a custom 200 right now? Think I'll get 6 for it?
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