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I turned my car on this morning and the parking brake was on, i tried to turn it off , i pushed the brake and tried to release it and it didnt work, i tried unplugging the battery and plugging it back in and that didnt work, my car will turn on, run , go into drive , reverse etc i just cant get the parking brake to release, please help!

2016 Chrysler 200 S, 1998 Sebring JX
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Welcome to the forum. All doors closed tight? Seatbelt fastened? Any dash messages?
Cycle the 'Brake Service' will fully retract the calipers. It is IMPORTANT not to touch the brake pedal during this.
After taking it out of service mode, make sure that you have a good brake pedal. See below.

After pressing the “Brakes” button on the touchscreen the following settings will be available:

• Hold ‘n Go
This feature will engage the park brake automatically if the vehicle is left unsecured. If the automatic transmission is not in PARK, the seat belt is unbuckled, the driver door is open, the vehicle is at a standstill, and there is no attempt to depress the brake pedal or accelerator pedal, the park brake will automatically engage to prevent the vehicle from rolling.

• Auto Park Brake
Auto Park Brake will set the park brake once the vehicle
is set in park (or at key off for a manual transmission).

• Brake Service
This feature provides a means for a technician or vehicle owner to utilize a vehicle integrated, menu driven sys- tem, to command the electric park brake retraction, to service the rear foundation brakes (brake pads, calipers, rotors, etc.).
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