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Thank you for mentioning the importance of using the correct coolant for the application. Chrysler used HOAT coolants until 2012, then changed over to OAT coolants. There may be a label under the hood or in the owners manual stating which coolant is required.
Do not mix coolant types. I shudder when I see the 'Universal' premixed coolants in the grocery store that state: For ALL cars.
Coolant doesn't have to be Mopar brand, but the HOAT must meet Chrysler MS-9769G. The OAT must meet Chrysler MS-12106. MS=Material Standard.
If you dilute the coolant 50/50, do so with clean distilled or very soft water. No chemical additives are necessary, although Mopar does sell stop-leak pellets. I shy away from stop-leaks because of potential heater core plugging issues.
A word on safety. If you are under the car, use a jack stand. The car should be on a firm and level surface. Although embittered, keep pets and children away from the drained coolant. Dispose of properly. Old coolant is collected at most shops and recycled.
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