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I got a code saying my Thermostat sensor is going bad & I ended up replacing it. Took battery out for a little while all was good. About 3 days later My Check engine light came back on again with the same code. Drove it for about 3 more days all of the sudden my dash said my car was overheating the with no visual on the dash stating what my temperature is. parked the car shut it off and my visual on the temperature was reading at 140 degrees. With the check engine light being on still. Car has been sitting for a week now due to my current weather trying to work on it now. Also I have forgot to mention I know the normal operating temperature should be around 180-210. I barley hit 150.
Also I have bought a new thermostat/housing with ANOTHER new thermostat sensor. Have not installed yet. Want to ask first before I install it.

NOTE it is winter in my area around 30F 40F with sometimes wind-chill of -6F if this helps at all I don't know a lot about these newer cars

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