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2015 Chrysler 200 limited 2.4

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So my car wouldn’t crank or start and the brakes& emergency break locked up we put it on the ready and it threw codes for the throttle body sensor, MAF sensor, and the IAT sensor. I replaced all the sensors and also got a whole new throttle body, the car cranked and my sister drove it right after it acted fine then I did and it was driving sluggish the I got it home and the following morning I went to crank it and it went right back to not cranking and all the brakes being locked up so I checked the codes again (we tried clearing them after it was fixed) and all the same codes are coming up again…. Any idea what could be wrong????
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Welcome to the forum. Always diagnose first. Fault codes don't necessarily mean that the part is 'bad'. The parts that you replaced are likely OK. The wiring to or from, or the PCM (rarely) can fail.

Multiple parts usually don't fail all at the same time together, it sounds like a wiring problem? You need to find out what all the fault codes have in common or what circuits/grounds they may share together.
The fault code 'P' number is helpful to know what you are looking for. i.e. - did it fail high or low?
Do you have the actual fault codes?

Wiring problems (shorts or opens) can be intermittent, which would explain why it might have been OK at first.
4-cylinder? Has it had any recalls done? What are the fault codes that we are dealing with?
It hasn’t had any recalls done that I know of and yes it’s 4 cylinder also the codes are
P0113 is intake air temperature sensor circuit high.
Make sure that you have good continuity on the DB/LG & BR/WT wires. See the Possible Causes.
All your codes may be caused by one problem. Especially if they all happened together at the same time.
Start with a good look-over. It may be something simple.
See what the Possible Causes may have in common. That may be the culprit.

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The P0122 & P0222 are both TPS1 & TPS2 are low. Check for rubbed-through, pinched or grounded wires.
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Check underhood grounds. Make sure that they are clean & tight.
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Visually inspect the engine compartment wiring harness for any signs of corrosion or damage:
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