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2015 chrysler 200c headlight wiring diagram

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Hey there new to group.. Did some searching online and brought me here.. Long story. Bought a 15 chrysler 200c with a salvage title.. Guy who put it together went cheap and put the halogen lowest grade lights in and didn't put the fog lights in either.. So i have bought the hid with drl assemblies to put in. Super spendy.. So i need to wire the pigtails back to stock.. Found half of a diagram in here in a different thread.. Was hoping I could get somebody to post the diagrams for passenger and driver side....

I used the driver side diagram so far and have one new light wired up.. Everything is working except the parking light which may be bc I don't have other side hooked up at all or side marker lights.. Thanks for any help
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Welcome to the forum. The halogen & HID headlamp connectors are keyed differently to prevent mix-ups, did he hack it to make it work?
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Connector pigtail (Mopar) part numbers, pin-outs & wire color information here:


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Ya he cut the hid plug and installed the non hid plug to work with the cheap halogen headlight with no led strip.. In put the hid/with drl in.. I ordered the proper pigtails.. I actually metered out the wires for 12v to figure out which wire did what bc the colors were hard to read.. I think I have it correct but no sure bc the parking lamp light that stays on is the led light strip.. To me I figured the parking light would be the amber colored blinker.. They work when I flip blinkers on.. But when headlights are on the orange light doesn't come on with headlight.. Seems to only work as a blinker and the led light strip or drl as I'd call it is what seems to function as parking light.. Can anyone confirm that's how it is.. 15 chrysler 200c
Here's the Malay.. Just the parking light switch on in this Pic


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I think that the parking light on with the LED strip is configurable. It is called Combination lighting and can be enabled or disabled with the scan tool.
My car was made for the U.S. market & I wanted to enable DRL (some cars have this setting on the 8.4 touchscreen). I was unable to enable the DRL because my car wasn't Canadian. I was able to enable the H/lamps on w/ wipers & enable the combination lighting (it was my only lighting option listed).
I think that they are funny about DRL here because there have been lawsuits about & from people who keep driving after dusk with them on.
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