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2015 limited Radio Upgrade

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I wanted to know if it is possible to upgrade my radio from the small 5in display to a 8.4in display with or with out navigation. I called a local parts dealer and they said it was not possible as they are different systems. I have watched a few YouTube videos where they do exactly this and go from the little display to the large one. So I am confused if it is possible or not.
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If you're going to replace the head unit you might also consider going with an aftermarket unit. It might actually be cheaper than buying the OEM 8.4 and you'd get features like Apple Carplay and Android Auto that are not available for the 200 with an OEM head unit. Just something you might want to think about if you're going to be pulling out the head unit anyway.
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I've installed an aftermarket head unit and did not have any problems related to PROXI or need to remove any fuses. I have an iDatalink Maestro that goes between the new head unit and the car and takes care of everything. While the physical installation requires some work the actual wiring is essentially plug and play.
In our Chrysler 200 Ukrainian club, about 10 people installed an aftermarket receiver (JVC, Kenwood, Pioneer) with iDatalink Maestro RR and KIT-C200
everyone has the same problem with the proxi alignment. :(
That's too bad, makes me wonder if there's something different in the software on the version of the 200 sold there that doesn't play well with the Maestro.
Really cool.
Did you also retain other functionality like the Car Settings or the ability to retract the rear brakes?
I can't speak for Dorius but to add a data point for my aftermarket setup I did retain all the car settings. The only functionality I lost was Uconnect Access since the module for that is in the old head unit. Doesn't matter anyway since the 3G service it relied on has been decommissioned.
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