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I have a 2016 Chrysler 200. The basic of the basic model. 2.4L engine. Recently, a friend used my car to jump his, but didn’t start my car to do so (found out later on). But when hooking up, one of the cables wasn’t on his battery well enough so his car threw sparks when he tried to start his, he adjusted it, then tried again and his car started fine. A few hours later I went out to my vehicle to start it, and it did nothing. Made one click, but engine did not turn over, and smoke came out from under the hood. Not a lot, just some wispy strands. But it made the whole area reek of burning/melting plastic. Anytime you tried starting the car the fuse box would click. Multiple spots. No blown fuses or relays that we could find. Had it under good authority that it was the starter. Ran a code reader, all it came up with was the thermostat (which was already known) and the cam sensor in bank one. Come to find out, to get the starter out you either pull the engine or, take out the passenger cv axle to undo the connections and the bottom bolt, and then have to remove the battery, ecm, (we uncooked the battery for a few days before removing ecm) thermostat, some connections and hoses to get to the top bolt of the starter. Couldn’t get our hands or tools down there otherwise. Yesterday we put in the new starter, hooked back all hoses and connections, the ecm, the battery, etc. and tried starting the car and it still won’t turn over. The fuse box is only making one click now, in one spot versus the whole box (I’m assuming relays making that noise). The old starter was also ground out and reeked of the burning plastic smell when we pulled it out. I will include a picture of the old starter.
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I’m at a loss with this car and don’t have the funds to take it into a shop. Single mother and don’t have any extra funds. If anyone knows what they think this could be please help lol.

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Welcome to the forum. Does it do the same thing with the Remote Start button, if equipped?
Do the headlamps shine brightly when they are turned on? Do they continue to shine or do they go out when you try to start it?

If the short was bad enough to burn the starter like that, maje sure that fuses F19 & F56 are OK. Better yet, make sure that all the fuses are OK. We don't know what direction the surge went, it may have burned up other wires as well. A good underhood inspection is in order. Follow the wiring.

There are more fuses under the dash at the BCM (body control module).
I hope that the fix is simple. Let us know.

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