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Welcome to the forums. I have to wonder about battery quality.

I have a convertible that gets driven on weekends in nice weather. It sits in the garage for the winter. The battery would only last a couple of years because of infrequent use. I kept it on a charger to last a little longer. The battery warranty length didn't help much, so I bought cheap batteries with a 1 year warranty.

On the daily drivers, the batteries do better. I got 9 years out of the 2007 Caliber battery. It died suddenly and was replaced the same day.

The 2016 200 and the wife's Patriot both got 'Silver' rated batteries recently. They didn't stock the 'Gold', which would offer 3 years and was a bit more money.
I suspect that the battery itself may not be built much better, but you are buying the extra warranty.

Most batteries are made by large manufacturers and sold under various names. Store-brands should be a safe bet. I avoid AutoZone and prefer Advance Auto (they bought the rights to the DieHard name for marketing. I wasn't super-impressed with Sears quality towards the end).
The dealer I worked at sold Interstate and Mopar.

Not much you can do to increase battery life as many are sealed. Keep the battery hold-down secure, vibration can shorten life.
Make sure that the thermal wrap is placed on the new battery when swapping out the old one. I've heard that they don't matter much, but why would a penny-pinching manufacturer use them if they weren't important? Excessive heat can shorten battery life.
Keep the terminals and battery case clean. Rinse off any dirt and acid/corrosion stains.
Avoid deep-cycles where the battery is nearly completely discharged and has to be recharged.
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