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greetings all,

I am going to be needing to install a piece of equipment that requires running a hot wire to the battery direct and fused on its own.

I have looked and noticed a couple spots however am unsure on messing with that as one is the port for the hood cable, other wiring for the vehicle itself.

Is there a schematic anywhere showing where to to run a hot lead to the battery without drilling or anyone with pointers and best spot to access and run it up?

I have seen the one article however it is old and is on older 200s and that port on the 2017 is filled with wiring and a rubber tight seal around them.

Any pictures or schematics would help and knowledge.

I did notice the side inside the front door a cap with hole that leads into the dash area. I wouldn't mind this as the Guage of wire isn't that big but I would definitely sleeve it in wire conduit however it looks like you can't go past certain point and would need to run the wire itself alone between the upper fender and driver door to snake into the engine compartment up top.

Thank you for any thoughts or anyone with knowledge on the best location and area I can attempt this.
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