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I recently bought a 2015 Chrysler 200 Limited and after having it for a few weeks, the check engine light came on. I took it to AutoZone to read the codes and they showed up as follows:

B10EA Blower Motor Control Circuit High
B10E9 Blower Motor Control Circuit Low

I have noticed that the heat and the cooling works, but the fan does not blow it out of the vents like it normally would. It is not until I am going about 60-65 mph that I begin to feel the heat coming out of the vents but that is only due to it being blown through the vents from outside the car. There are seldom times that when I first crank the vehicle, the blower will blow just fine but give it a few moments, it cuts off on its own, no matter the fan settings that it is turned on. So when taken to the shop, the mechanic sees the codes but not able to determine what exactly is the problem because the car seems to want to blow just fine with the mechanic. Has anyone else come across this issue before and if so, what was the solution in your case?

Thanks for all the help
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