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So, I have an interesting issue now and I am hoping there is something I can do.

I just bought the car used, and it didn't come with a key fob. I only have the valet key for now. The closest deals is several towns away and I can't get there until next month.

Knowing I didn't have the key fob, I never locked the doors. However, when doing some blower motor repairs I allowed the battery to die. I didn't think much of it, until I went to drive it today. I got in and the car started for a second then promptly died. Second attempt, all dead.

I recharged the battery without removing it. After it was completely charged, I went to start it and the alarm was set. I have tried the unlock the doors and start the car trick, but the alarm system (I am guessing) has a kill switch so the car won't start to disable the alarm.

Is there anything I can do until I can get to the dealer to order and program a new key fob? Every time I open the door the alarm goes off, car won't turn over and I need to drive it.
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