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I would like to show you, the fuel system modification to my 200. I bought it new, and after one week I install a LPG fuel system to save gas money. Here in Europe gas cost is quite expensive, so many peolple do this kind of modifications.
I'll show you some photo to see how it work in the 200 convertible.
Here a shematic how it work:
Product Gas Engineering Machine Terrestrial plant

And here some pics from my car:
Automotive tire Motor vehicle Automotive wheel system Rim Automotive exterior

Motor vehicle Automotive fuel system Gas Auto part Metal

Motor vehicle Automotive exterior Gas Automotive fuel system Vehicle

Tire Hood Automotive tire Wheel Tread

And here the user connecting point.

Automotive tire Helmet Hood Automotive lighting Bumper

Vehicle Automotive lighting Hood Car Automotive tire

Steering wheel Personal luxury car Automotive design Car Motor vehicle

Right now the car has approx 145K miles on the clock and my plain is to keep it over 200k miles.
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