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Chrysler 200 Convertible passenger window not holding 1/4" drop while door is opened

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My 2012 Chrysler 200 Convertible passenger window does not staying down 1/4" while the door is open. If the door handle is pulled to open the door, the window drops normally but returns to full-up when the door handle is released. The window will be full-up while the handle is released. The door handle must be held under pressure slightly in the unlatch position to drop the window and prevent window breakage as the door is closed. I have followed the reset/normalize instructions but the problem persists.
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Welcome to the forum. The side window drop signal comes from the door latch when opening/closing the door or from the PTCM (power top control module) when lowering the top.
Is this the reset/normalize procedure you used?
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If this doesn't work, it sounds like the passenger door latch switch used to signal the window drop may be corroded/failing? This switch is internal to the latch assembly and is serviced as replacement of the latch assembly.
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Never had that exact one but do know it looses track of window position when the battery dies. Great fun getting the door open with battery dead btw. Run it full down / full up a couple times sets it right.

The roof weather strip is at greater risk than the glass. Also big fun trying to get the door to close again on an icy morning when the glass is frozen to the door skin.
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