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2015 Chrysler 200 limited.

So a few weeks ago I went to the gas station, filled my car up, and was ready to leave, hit start button and nothing. Someone tried to jump me thinking the battery died, nothing. Got the car towed. They call and say the starter went bad, and so I figured that's what it was since the car wouldn't jump. Then they called me back and said that a 'ground cable' went bad, they had it rigged up but it wasn't going to last, they would have to get the ok from me to order the part, however, it was dealer specific so they had to wait for Chrysler. Well, it came in and they got it changed.

I picked the car up and the car signaled to me that "service parking brake". I asked them about it before I left and they offered to keep it, but I declined at the time because I really needed my car the next day badly. They said to bring it back if it continued and they'd look at it no charge unless it was going to be expensive. (I didn't really have the money at the moment, I had spent the few weeks it was there hocking items of mine to pay for the initial repair and tow anyhow).

So, these are some things that have been happening since I got it home. When they read the car there, they did mention that they got a code that said, "Communication error to parking break" (or something along those lines).

So the parking break will not engage.
in the settings the safety section for brake release, will not release the brakes either. No winding sounds, just silence.
2 x's now the headlights and turn signals on the left side won't work and I get the error for that on the screen, then a few minutes later they all turn on.
The ABS light is lit up, I added fluid to the break fluid and it doesn't fix that issue.
It also won't run my fans for heat or a/c sometimes either. It'll say its turned all the way up, but I get no fan running. then suddenly I'll have a fan running 15 minutes later.

I feel as if these are all 1 related issue with communication with the vehicle and all the electronics. I did try to pull the battery for about30 minutes to see if it would reset anything and that didn't happen either.

And sometimes when I start the car up it'll flash the mileage on and off the entire time I'm driving.

I do have a small reader for my car, its just a cheap one so its not super in depth. But no codes pop up on it pertaining to this.

So, do I need a new board? I thought I had read somewhere about needing a board. What specific part is it called? Any other ideas of what could be happening with the vehicle?

2016 Chrysler 200 S, 1998 Sebring JX
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Welcome to the forum. You still may have 'bad ground' issues. There are a few major grounds & weak spots that should be looked at. Was the ground replaced because of corrosion, or other damage?

If the 'Service Parking Brake' warning comes up, a fault code is stored in the EPB (electronic parking brake) module explaining why.
A blinking odometer is also a symptom of 'loss of communication' codes with the BCM (body control module). All the modules talk together over the CAN bus. If that link is broken, various module may set a code.
These may not be OBD2 codes and may need a more advanced scan tool capable of reading body or chassis module (not easily-read powertrain 'P' codes) codes.

Ground screw attachments to the body sheetmetal need to be clean & tight. Wiring on a 7 year-old car may rub-through or exposed terminals corrode. This may also explain the temporary loss of left-side lighting (G915A).

Start at the battery terminals. They may look clean & tight, but it may be a good idea to take them right off the posts as a layer of unseen corrosion can form between the post & terminal.
Make sure that all relays & fuses are pushed down tight in their cavities in the fuse/relay box.

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