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There may come a time when you try to start your truck and nothing happens. In those situations, a drained battery is the most common problem. The best way to handle an emergency is to be prepared in advance and today we are here with new release from Torxe - Compact 12V Car Jump Starter with Air Compressor. JS400 application can jumpstart any gasoline engines up to 5.8L and diesel engines up to 3.0L, or use more powerful JS750 with a 21,000 mAh capacity for jump start gasoline engines up to 8.0L V12 and diesel engines up to 6.0L. You can jump start your truck, pump up a flat tire, and recharge cell phones, tablets, laptops, cameras, and other electronics. The lithium-ion battery power bank and portable compressor, along with jumper cables, charging cables and charging and inflation adapters all come in a handy compact hard plastic carrying case with handle that can easily be stowed in the trunk or cargo area of your truck.


- Available in 2 versions: JS400 (14,000 mAh) and JS750 (21,000 mAh)
- Jump starter peak current – JS400: 400A, JS750: 750A, jump starter starting current – JS400: 200A, JS750: 400A
- Spark-proof and reverse polarity protected jumper cables
- Includes 12V car charging adapter and AC charging adapter
- Approximate 12V in-car recharging time – JS400: 6 hrs, JS750: 8 hrs
- Approximate AC wall outlet recharging time – JS400: 3-4 hrs, JS750: 4-5 hrs
- Cell phone/smartphone charging cable with adapters for all common mobile device charging ports 12V, 16V & 19V charging ports for laptops, monitors, cameras, etc.
- Compressor includes 20” power cord and 4.25” air hose for easy tire access
- Operating temperature range: -13ºF - 176ºF (-25ºC – 80ºC)
- Warranty: 1 year.

Torxe® - Compact 12V Car Jump Starter with Air Compressor at CARiD

Watch our product review to find more details:

Find all Troxe Products at CARiD.

Make sure that your ride won't stop no matter what with new Compact 12V Car Jump Starter with Air Compressor from Torxe!
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