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2016 Chrysler 200 S, 1998 Sebring JX
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SavioDuarte has left the forum. He kinda said good-bye in post #77. He hasn't logged in since June 2021.
Now that convertible weather is here again, it is time to drive with the wind & sun on you. ☺

Begin with a diagnosis. Is the top getting stuck on the way down? Any messages in the cluster?
There is a wealth of knowledge here. Type some keywords into the "Search Community" at the top of the page for possible answers. The problems are usually electrical or mechanical. Sometimes simple, sometimes not.
Chances are that someone here has been through the same problem. See how they found out what was wrong. See what they did to fix it.

Unlock the top and see what it does or doesn't do. You can usually always get it back up manually if it quits.
The more you can tell us, the easier it is to figure it out.


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In regards to the above post #13.
The I.P. address of this post is invalid, which raises suspicion with me.
While I appreciate anybody wanting to help with our vehicles, I must post this message for everyone to be careful of who you reply to, or correspond with.

fltru103 - mod
It worked for me. It's valid. No one needs to beware of #13
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