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Has anyone replaced one of the active headrests in their 200? The one on the driver side is damaged from a previous owner messing it up when trying to reset it. The car has not been in a wreck, I don't know why it deployed. When I took it to the dealer, they wanted almost $600 to replace it. GEEZ!!!

I looked online and I can find a new replacement between 200 and 300, depending on the part number. I'm wondering if someone else has done this before.

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The service manual says you might be able to reset it. Here's the info. Sorry but the pics didn't transfer.


If the Active Head Restraint (AHR) units have been deployed, both the driver and passenger side units must be reset. You can recognize that an AHR has been deployed by the forward position of the head restraint cushion and the large spacing between the cushion and the AHR rear trim cover.

Before attempting to reset, and after each unsuccessful attempt to reset an AHR, inspect the latch mechanism within the AHR rear trim cover (1) to be certain the latch is unlatched. This can be confirmed by placing a finger on the latch catches (4) and gently rocking them rearward and forward. The catches should move freely. If the catches do not move freely, they are in the latched position and the latch must be opened using the diagnostic scan tool. Follow the steps outlined for AHR - Activate Driver And Passenger Head Restraint under System Test for the Occupant Restraint Controller/ORC menu item. Each time this routine is performed, both the driver and passenger side AHR unit latches may be opened and both AHR units may have to be reset.
Be certain to pull the center of AHR tether strap (2) located between the rear trim cover and the cushion (3) upward as far as possible to prevent it from becoming trapped between the latch striker and the latch catches, which could interfere with successful latching of the striker.

Reaching from behind the seat and below the AHR, position both hands on the top of the AHR cushion as illustrated and brace your forearms or your upper torso against the upper seat back as needed for leverage.

Three separate and distinct physical actions must each be completed in their entirety to successfully reset and latch an AHR. It may help to memorize these actions before attempting the reset as: DOWN, BACK and DOWN. A short explanation of each action follows:
DOWN: Pull the cushion downward (arrow a) far enough to allow the AHR linkage to drop out of its locked, deployed position to its neutral position. The cushion cannot be compressed against the rear trim cover until after the AHR linkage has been moved to its neutral position.
BACK: Pull the cushion rearward (arrow b) firmly and evenly against the pressure of the deployment springs until it is flush against the rear trim cover.
DOWN: Finally, while still holding the cushion tightly against the rear trim cover, pull the cushion downward (arrow c) once again far enough to fully engage the latch striker with the AHR latch mechanism. Listen for an audible click as the latch catches engage the striker.
If the tether remains hanging out between the top of the cushion and the rear trim cover, simply use a finger to tuck it out of sight between the top of the rear trim cover and the cushion.
To confirm a successful reset, there should be no visually obvious space between the cushion and the rear trim cover; although, there may be enough space to physically insert your fingertips between them. Also, operation of the comfort tilt adjustment feature should be restored.

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