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Hello all --

This is my first post. I hope I'm asking this question in the appropriate place as I didn't see an existing thread on my specific issue. I have a 2015, 200 (Limited).

I hit an ice patch turning into a drive-thru area, sliding and hitting my front driver-side wheel into to a curb along a wall, and I believe (unsure as I quickly became startled) as the backend slid, I may have hit the driver-side rear tire against the same curb. There is no visual body damage to the exterior of the car. I was driving slowly prior hitting the ice patch. I quickly gained control of the car, but the ECS light remained lit (yellow), but not blinking. My alignment seems affected as the steering wheel isn't centered. This happened last night, so this morning I took the car for test-drive before calling a shop. My concern is that the light hadn't gone out, and --again -- the alignment is "off". The car is in the shop at the moment, but I'm wondering if anyone has experienced a similar issue with the light remaining lit (I did perform a quick OBDII check, but nothing out of the ordinary). I also tried to clear the code, but it remained lit.

I have attached a pic of the warning light. The "Tire Pressure Monitoring System" light is from a pre-existing issue from months ago -- a broken sensor -- which had already been checked at the same shop. The didn't try to sell me a new one. They just explained the issue and advised that if it didn't bother me, no need to rush to replace it -- I live in NJ where repair shops are often busy, and this shop usually is -- so I have reason to trust the shop this time around. I know many other places that wouldn't have been so honest, and I have also done business with them before, yet the front desk associate did quote me a price of $140 for an alignment -- which I think is kind of high assuming it's a simple front end alignment, yet inflation is happening fast these days, so I don't know -- but he did say they'd take half off that price if there were other issues. I would think an alignment would be part of any other type of front end repair such as a bent tie rod, etc.

I'm hoping for opinions as to why the light remained lit, thinking if it was only an alignment issue that the ECS light would not remain lit. I also don't want to get ripped-off at the repair shop and as I mentioned above, I don't have reason to be suspicious of this particular repair shop -- yet the front desk associates comment sent up a "yellow flag" ,and ya know how these things go sometimes, right? Is there anything I should be on the lookout for, etc.? Any advice would be appreciated.

Thank you in advance!

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Welcome to the forums. If the steering wheel changed position after hitting the curb, something got bent. It may not be just a simple alignment. A control arm or tie rod may need replacement?
If the ESC lamp is on, a fault code is stored in the ABS module. ABS manages ESC by applying a single brake to 'steer' the car in a skid.
It is not OBD2, as that is only for powertrain codes that may affect emissions.
Since the steering wheel is not centered, it may be that the steering angle sensor is reporting this 'loss of center'. It can set a fault code. There is a procedure to recalibrate the sensor after repair.:

Let us know what they find.
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