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engine trouble

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I have a 2014 Chrysler 200 3.6 engine that's running very rough codes that come up are p219a,p0052,p0306,po301,p0303,po300 I replaced plugs o2 censors but it still runs rough, if it starts at all please help
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Welcome to the forum. Did the old plugs show any sign of carbon fouling or lean mixtures?
We'll treat P0301, P0303, P0306 under the same cause as P0300 (multiple cylinder misfire). Odd & Even cylinders are on opposite banks, so it isn't necessarily a same-bank problem.
Were the parts OEM? They don't have to be Mopar, but must state that they are OEM. I have had issues with 'universal or generic' parts, Bosch, Autolite, etc.

P0052 is the Bank 2 upstream O2 sensor heater circuit high. High usually means an open circuit.
P0219 has an A or a B, depending on which bank, is it both banks? A is bank 1. B is bank 2. This may be your root problem. See Possible Causes.
The same procedure applies for P0219B as below, just for bank 2.
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The valvetrain relies on proper oil weight. Is it the correct 5W-20?
A cylinder leakdown test may be accurate than a cylinder compression test. There may be a cylinder with an issue or an intake runner with a leak for a particular cylinder?
If you replaced the plugs, you would have removed the upper manifold. Has the lower manifold or cylinder heads had any service history?
Has it had the PCM updated? The TSB #18-102-16A may not fix anything, but known software issues should be ruled out first.
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I did use 5-20 oil, as far as the manifolds I didn't notice anything with it nor the cylinder head, no updates performed. changed all 4 o2 censors. the plugs didn't appear to have excessive build up
Was the P0052 there before the O2 sensor change?
You may want to get the update done if it hasn't already to rule out erroneous self-tests. Ask if it can be done under the diagnostic (minimum) charge of 1 hr?
I see you replaced the O2 sensors. Chryslers prefer OE, NTK or Denso O2 sensors. Bosch and auto parts store varieties tend to not work well.
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