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Enjoy a safe and comfortable ride with Michelin Tires on and save your money! Now's your chance to put $70 back in your pocket! Buy any set of 4 new MICHELIN passenger or light truck tires and get $70 via Reward Card. Fabulous deal on fabulous tires! Promo runs until July 11, 2019.

When it comes to getting a set of new tires for your Chrysler 200, Michelin is the best name to consider. This world’s largest tire manufacturer offers a wide variety of tires, well-known for their safety, durability, and performance. They not only provide a smooth ride and run quietly, but the tread design provides even greater levels of traction, which helps to increase gas mileage in your vehicle. With Michelin, you get the ultimate in confidence and safety no matter what the road is!

Michelin™ | Tires —

Please complete the following PDF form to get your card.

Find all Michelin Tires for your ride here
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