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Hi friend. Our problem has been the fact that we cannot install the UConnect 4C infotainment system in the Chrysler 200s. After a lot of research and trial and error ( as you can see in this forum), we all gave up :(.

You said you installed Uconnect 8.4 inside your Chrysler 200, are you referring to the Uconnect 4C 8.4 inch radio or the Uconnect 3 8.4. Inch radio. The Uconnect 3 is the version that is compatible with our cars and that would mean the Uconnect 4C is the one we want, but is not compatible (the 4C is also the one with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto).
I have installed version 3 and the telematics module had a fault at first. I did a factory reset several times, but it didn't help. I noticed that in the configuration section of the car, there are options about it, such as the type of Uconnect, the type of audio, the number of speakers, etc. By testing them separately, I was able to make the settings in such a way that the module fault is solved.
After that, I realized that the cswm module has an error. I went to the cswm status menu and in terms of hardware, I found that my car has seat heaters that were not active in the previous Uconnect, then I reactivated them in the car configuration and the cswm problem was also solved. However, now I have a fault in the IPC module and everything I did was useless. Because I have replaced the ipc with a 7-inch version.
Tell me what should I send you a picture of? And finally, did you manage to write a sales code for your car? What was XXXYZZZ?
Yes I figured you were referring to UConnect 3. You see, that is not a problem for us, we all know how to successfully install and program UConnect 3 8.4 inch, as they are compatible with our cars. The problem we were facing is to install UConnect 4C 8.4 inch, which is not compatible with our cars, and after further research we assume they are not compatible because of many reasons, which you can find in this forum if you scroll through it.

We tried using sales codes, change car configurations ( including enabling apple CarPlay), different proxy alignments, etc. The reason we couldn’t get these Uconnect 4C radios to work with our cars is because none of us could figure out how to get a successful “Entertainment Telematic Module” configuration written in the Proxy Alignment. And also the picture I was asking for is of your UConnect system install to see the one you were referring to, but I no longer need as you said you installed UConnect 3.

entertainment Telematic Module is the Uconnect system
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