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Frozen screen/ fuses

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My Uconnect screen on my 2015 Chrysler 200 is frozen on the start up safety screen. I read to try and remove fuse and place back in, which fuse do I remove? Heeelpppp please. TIA:)
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Welcome to the forum. You have the Uconnect 5.0 or Uconnect 8.4 radio?
The radio power fuse is F80, but you may be better served if you disconnect, pause & reconnect the neg (-) battery terminal.
Does the radio ever have times when it does get past the start-up screen & works, or is it locked on the start-up screen?

Uconnect 5.0:
View attachment 62331

Uconnect 8.4:
View attachment 62332

Anything plugged into the underdash diagnostic connector or any accessories added to the electrical system that might be causing interference?
I have the 5.0 uconnect. This literally just started yesterday when I went to turn car on to leave work. It never passed the start up safety screen. I do plug a charger in sometimes but it is not plugged in. I started researching more and did actually pull the f80 out and it did not resolve the issue.
Ok. I will have to look into that. Another thing I noticed this morning that I forgot to put in last message, I had my defroster on this morning and it was running but the light to the button was not showing that it's on

In its current state, it may not take the software update & may need an exchange (replacement) unit or a repair of your unit.

Software is availible at :

A 4-digit anti-theft code is present in every radio & would be necessary to 'activate' a replacement radio. If you do have to get a replacement radio, make sure that you get a proper sales receipt & the security code.
If you repair yours, the security code may have to be re-entered.
See attached TSB (not a recall). Chrysler may be covering part of the replacement cost for certain owners in certain situations.
Yes, this is the first time I noticed. Never tried my heat or defroster yesterday. I'm assuming if I had tried to turn on yesterday same would of happened

Did this also just happen? It may be related to the radio issue as the touchscreen does the HVAC functions too.
The yellow front or rear window defrost light? That is an LED & shouldn't 'burn out' like a conventional bulb. View attachment 62336
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Unfortunately none of those options worked. I took my car to the dealership today and didn't receive such great news. They tried a couple things and did not work. I do need a replacement. I was told my best bet would to be purchase a new one online and go somewhere where they install radios. So my next question would be where is the best but also not overly expensive place I can purchase a radio/dash kit accessorie?
Thank you so much for your help.
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