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Mopar usually has it on their website, the body repail manual with you electrical wiring diagrams... But unfortunately nothing for the UFs as of yet. Maybe if you can get in touch with a repair tech or someone to host it, other than that, nothing at the moment

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Tech Authority is the authorized publisher for Chrysler service materials. Sometimes pre-owned manuals show up on ebay , etc for less that a new disc or usb would cost. Visit the TA website for more information.
Alldata usually also has the information.
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I have FSMs in PDFs, I got for free, for my:
2007 Charger
MK6 Jettas (Covers 11-14)
MK6 Jetta (Covers 15-18)
S197 Mustang
SN95 Mustang
2007 Silverado
2010 Camaro

I still have them, and didn't pay a dime for any of them. Found them after looking on various forums and search engines.
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