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heated steering wheel

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what year did Chrysler introduce the heated steering wheel on the 200, i've been told by 2 people i thought would be accurate that it was in trim level limited since they went from the sebring to the 200 platform, but according to an article on trim levels they never had heated steering wheels on any pre-2015 trim levels of 200's. My wife can't drive the 2015+ model and needs a heated steering wheel on her car for medical reasons. Thanks for any insight
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The introduction of the 2015+ UF-body 200 included the addition of a heated steering wheel and ventilated front seats. The older JS-body went from Sebring to 200 in 2011. The Dodge Avenger (JS) remained the same.

I have seen aftermarket heated steering wheel covers, but would think that they could become a safety (entanglement) issue.

In 2011 the Chrysler 300 (LX-body) had a heated steering wheel, heated & cooled cupholders & 2012 offered heated rear seats.
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There is no mention of a heated steering wheel in the 2014 FSM or wiring manual. The cold weather package for the 2013-2014 200 consists of remote start and heated seats only.
thanks for your replies. my daughter has a 2015+ 200 and it won't work for my wife (and her new (large) puppy. we spend countless hours figuring out a perfect vehicle for all her "requirements" (and countless hours of bantering back and forth). a 300 is too large for her, and we were looking at a 2015+ grand cherokee limited which seem to have the heated steering wheel quite often in the for sale ads, but thats too big for her. the steering wheel cover, i agree, looks a little sketchy to me. she's always been in a 4x4 jeep vehicle or a chrysler car, btu i think we're going to have to start looking outside our comfort zone for her. thanks again for your feedback
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Our '15 Journey had a heated steering wheel & seats so that's another option that's smaller than the 300 and Grand Cherokee.
Look at a Jeep Cherokee our 2015 Limited has a heated steering wheel
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