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Just wanted to say hello, give you the specs, and general intro, and receive feedback

I just made the purchase today, and it's definitely an upgrade from the junker I had, BUT is it really? I don't know, you tell me!

She's a 2015 200 Limited, 2.4L IF 4 DOHC 16V (Multiair??) FWD and I'm naming her Calla after the Poisonous Lily, and with a body like that, yeah she's definitely a girl car.

If anyone shares the same model let me know how well they've performed, it seems like a pretty mixed bag on the reviews, but I'm wondering if that's just poor maintenance or the general flow of nature.

I'm not gonna lie, I'm jealous she doesn't have the 3.6L V6 and doesn't have that sexy S trim but it looks like there may be some solutions to this 'dilemma' yet. Do tell!

Who knows, I might turn her into a sleeper or just make her even more luxurious, or maybe trade her in as soon as possible (I sure hope not) All I know is the future is the limit, thanks for having me, and I welcome any and all feedback, tips/tricks, and advice.

2016 Chrysler 200 S, 1998 Sebring JX
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Welcome to the forum. Get the car the way you want it to be.
Make it the best it can be. As an 8 year-old car with an unknown(?) past, go through it & do all scheduled maintenance. Start a list of things it needs.

I had a 2015 200 rental for 3 days while the Caliber was in the body shop. That experience with the 200 sold me on the car.

It compared to the 1998 Sebring JX Convertible. The car is the right-sized for me. The stitched upholstery & chrome bezels lit off the interior as a good first impression. I liked the way that it was already in 3rd gear after crossing an intersection.
The car sold me & is the nicest car I have ever owned.
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