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How to Install Rain sensor?

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Is it possible for add and install rain sensor to 2015 chrysler 200?
Which part do i need?
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The following is a description of the LRSM (light rain sensor module) system. It 'sees' the refraction of water droplets on the windshield glass.
You may need the inside rear view mirror assembly with the connector for the installation?
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My rear mirror have connector but i dont see any connector for LRSM.
You may have to add an LRSM cover & 3-wire connector going between LRSM & the BCM.
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Is there a +12 volt power, a ground & an Orange LIN bus wire at the rearview mirror?
If not, it would need wires run up behind the left A-pillar trim piece and over the headliner to the LRSM.
Does BCM C6-cavity #14 have a terminal & Orange wire in it?
How to i find c6- cavity #14 on bcm ?
I see some wire on rearview for microphone
The wiring may need to be added if the car didn't come with the option. Then the BCM has to recognize and enable the feature.
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Thanks for perfect information 👌
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