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My dream car is a Chrysler 200 Hard Top convertible. Unfortunately, it seems slim pickins on ones that fit the bill for that. A good low miliage V6 hard top is just one thing I can't find, and the ones i have found (in distant parts of the country) are a lot more expensive than the alternative.

But on the other hand, I can find some great deals on soft tops with all the features I want, in my area. At least two are perfect... except for the soft top. DRAT!

So I made a few calls around and found out that there are no shortage of salvage yards that have hard top convertibles in their inventory. In fact, one near me has a hard top that is in fantastic condition and only ended up there because of of front end damage, which they assure me didn't hurt the top. In any case, They told me I'm more than welcome to come in and test out the motors and assembly for the hard top.

They are looking for around $500 for the hard top, including all the mounting hardware, the motors etc etc.

So now that gives me an interesting idea. IS it possible that a soft top could be replaced with a hard top, assuming the donor top is in perfect condition?
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