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Regular is 87 Octane.
E85 is 105 Octane in the summer, Up to 85% Ethanol, to 53% in the winter..
E15 is 88 Octane, the Blue pump at Sheetz.

I just picked up my 200 today, and troubles right off the lot. I think the thermostat is sticking, and it shudders in reverse and lockup. It only has 75145 miles on it, and the plugs are do. Will do that when I can. Since I am, I am ging to look for the updated lower manifold, with the bigger ports. I forgot how a FWD car feels after being in a Camaro for a little over 3 years. Gonna run some Mavrel Mystery Oil in the gas to clean the intake valves. Then 100 miles before the oil change, dump half in the sump.

Right now, I have no heat. The Temp gauge does not get above half. At first drive, the coolant reservoir began to fill with coolant, and filled all the way to the cap. Also, the rad hose to the thermostat housing was very firm. Parked it, went shopping, ran it again, and the coolant reservoir was okay at the same driving distance. Upper rad hose was a lot more, well, squishy. Temp gauge did not move till I let it idle, and it only got slightly above half. Fan did kick on low at that point. I also got hotter air this time, so I believe I have a thermostat issue. So, will see what the dealer thinks, as I just picked it up.

After about 12 miles:
Motor vehicle Automotive lighting Automotive tire Hood Fuel tank

So, you can see the coolant filled the entire reservoir, but I did not detect any
coolant odor has it made its way out the overflow hose.
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