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To anyone that can help,

My fan is blowing only on high and I want to try replacing the resistor as a first solution. Found out this could be the problem through finding you on this forum.

Someone posted a diagram of where it could be and I can't locate it. I have the dashboard / glove compartment taken apart where it is supposed to be. I have found the cabin air filter, air blower, and actuator but can't locate the actual resistor. Any suggestions or guidance is appreciated.
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Welcome to the forum. I believe that the blower resistor is mounted more towards the center console than what you are currently looking at. It has 4 wires: a thick DBu/Yl, a thinner DBu/Or, DBu/Vt & DBu/Br.
The Mopar # is 5191344AA (or equivalent) for the manual HVAC system.

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