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I have a 2015 Chrysler 200c AWD with the premium interior package and 19 inch wheels. It is absolutely fully loaded, down to the engine block heater (the dealer genuiely just checked every box on the order form). I adore this car and constantly get complements on both style and performance. The technology still seems to compete well with the latest and greatest from the likes of new Toyotas and other “affordable“ options on the market which means I’m not really missing anything that new cars have to offer besides reliability/warranty.

I bought it used with about 55k miles on it. At about 85k miles the 3.6 V6 failed and needed major repairs. They originally were going to repalce the entire engine since metal shavings were found throughout it during inspection. At the very last miniute they decided to just replace some parts instead of replacing the engine. I got my 200 back but the check engine light was more often lit than not. At about 100k miles the AWD system failed whlie I was in a drive through. It definitely made the car less engaging to drive but it was just barely out of warranty and I didn’t feel like paying for repairs at the time. Around the same time the engine began to run rough and I contacted Chrysler Corporate for guidance. They suggested I take it to a different dealer who they preferred for diagnostics. The mechanics at the preferred dealer did a very thorough inspection and found nearly $11k worth of needed repairs... including a new engine. They said that the engine absolutely needed replaced when metal shavings were originally found and that, because it wasn’t, it would need to be replaced now (out of warranty). So I mentioned it to the dealer who originally did the work and they only looked at thrown codes and said two cylinders need fuel injectors... not an entirely new engine. The work that they did is still under warranty but they didn’t touch the fuel injectors the first time so I would need to pay about $500. I tend to be a very soft spoken person who avoids confrontation, which didn’t help me during any of these conversations.

My car is still at the dealer (luckily I have my high school car, a 2007 Chrysler 300 with 3.5 V6... with 302k miles!). I just am in a dilemma right now. I still owe about 9k on the 200, having owned it just over 2 years.

Should I trade it for as much as I can and get somthing known for reliability? (Although I would not care so deeply for it). Or I could potentially fight with the dealer who should have replaced it the first time but failed to make a good call... this is what the other dealer was recommending. But it would be stressful experience and might not work out the way I would want. I could also just pay for the parts and have family/friends replace both the engine and failed AWD components. The crate engine we have in mind has a 5 year warranty with unlimited miles... which is an attractive offer. The problem with getting something new is I would have the pay a good amount to get something as well loaded as my 200c (with the teach, heated/cooled seats, safetyTech, premium leather with accent pipping, and large attractive wheel with polished face and painted pockets).

I am totally open to any feedback! I greatly appreciate it.

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Welcome to the forums. Sorry you have had a run of bad luck. If there was any metallic debris in the engine, it should have been an automatic engine replacement by the dealer.
You just can't clean every nook and cranny. A reman engine (long block) would be boiled out and prepped before reuse.
What is the nature of the AWD failure? Has it been diagnosed yet?

I would gather your documents and arrange a meeting with the service manager. Ask him for your options. I found that if you word it as "What would you do if it were your car?", you will get an honest answer. If you want to advance a plea to the district service manager, ask what he or she will be scheduled to be at that dealership. It is another ear to bend and they may be able to give a more yes or no answer for any help from Chrysler on this. See if you can strike an equitable deal or compromise with them.

I think that the car has a lot going for it and is worth saving. I also think that if you were to trade it at this point, you would lose out. I was at a dealer recently and there was no car on the lot comparable to a 200S or C. They had one 2014 300C, but it was more car than I wanted. The rest of the lot was trucks. I don't need a truck. Speaking with a sales person, I gathered that supplies of new vehicles might be slim. They were hungry for used cars.
It would be difficult to find a replacement for what you have.

If you needed to replace it, I found mine at Auto Locators. They scoured the auctions for the car I wanted. The 200S was low mileage and nicely-equipped. It was owned by a corporation downstate and had just come off lease. It did need some work to get it the way I wanted it, but I am very happy with the car.

Assess the car you have now as a whole. Pros and Cons. Ask for opinions (like here).

Regardless, going forward I would use synthetic motor oil meeting Chrysler MS-6395 (MS=material standard). Change all drivetrain fluids with fresh stuff meeting factory MS specs. I plan on changing all mine at 60K miles. Even though it may be 'lifetime' fill, I will use the change as a baseline and for peace of mind. Fluids do wear out.
Have all control modules flashed to the latest and greatest versions. PCM, TCM, DTCM, RA4, etc. Some some software changes may enhance vehicle feel and longevity.
Best of luck with this situation. ☺
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