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Hello everyone! I've been lurking here since late 2010 when the 200 was first launched and I really wanted one but couldn't afford one at the time. I used to drive by a Chrysler dealer almost every day on the way to work and saw all the lonely 200 S models just sitting there... :(

To start, I bought a 2011 200 2.4 Touring in February from eBay that looked decent, but ended up being very disappointed in it. It had a major issue that I would have never seen in the sellers pictures, even the undercarriage ones he sent.

It looked to me like someone had tried to lift the passenger side rear of the car and must have set the jack or lift under the floorboard and smashed it in really badly. There was no other damage on the undercarriage except right in that area. Jagged metal was sticking out of the carpet, of course covered by a floormat. I was so mad I just pounded it down with a hammer to fix it. It also needed the passenger side door adjusted. I found this the day I had it delivered, by the way. I only could keep it a week before it started to really irritate me because I knew it had an issue that would be very difficult to fix. Plus the 2.4 really sucks. With just a 2-4mpg difference in the 3.6, it's a no brainer.

Since I knew not all 200's are screwed up and I still badly wanted one, I immediately started looking for another 200, just better. I got REALLY lucky and found my current car, a 40K mile 2012 200 S in Tungsten Metallic at a local dealer just 10 miles from me that was a local trade. They had just listed it that day I found it and I jumped on it immediately. I went and they offered me close to what I had in the 2011 Silver 200 Touring, so it worked out really good for me in the end.

Here is the Silver 200 (seller's pictures)

b3c912740f_640.jpg 791fd5f639_640.jpg f4fa2cf15c_640.jpg f25d75419c_640.jpg

Here is my 200 S:
20190406_100804.jpg 20190406_100913.jpg 20190406_100926.jpg 20190406_100847.jpg 20190406_100957.jpg

I have lots of parts on the way which will complete everything I wanted to do to it. I figured I would get them now before the parts become obsolete, or convert to unobtanium.

Mods done so far:
Mopar front lip spoiler
Diablosport 91 octane tune (need to get more tunes!)
Chrysler accessory all weather mats
Chrysler accessory "200" lighted door sill plates (they look awesome at night!)
Windows tinted 30%

Mods on the way as we speak:
Dodge Avenger Blacktop wheels with Michelin Pilot Super Sport tires (Blacktop wheels are just the S wheels painted all black)
Mopar cat-back exhaust (made by Corsa)
Mopar side skirts
Mopar cold air intake
Mopar pedal covers
Maybe a rear spoiler, not sure yet

That is pretty much it for all the mods I want to do, and I'm looking forward to many miles and being on the forums with this 200!
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