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No crank no start

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I have a 2013 Chrysler 200 touring 2.4 L my vehicle won’t start, no crank. I have replaced the following: alternator, starter, new battery, new terminal brackets, new ECM and a crankshaft sensor. I still cannot get my vehicle to start. I need the community’s help, all my lights and everything turns on but the vehicle will not crank or do anything. I am wondering if it’s something to do with the ignition and is there a way I can turn on the key with all the lights on and try to manually jumpstart the starter and see if that works without harming anything. Just a question or thought. thanks
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Welcome to the forum. Always begin with a diagnosis. Any 'click' or dimming of headlamps when the key is moved to the 'start' position? Tried starting it in Neutral? The PRNDL display in the cluster has the P boxed?

Is the car equipped with Remote Start, factory or aftermarket? Any aftermarket alarm/security system?

Has a scan tool been plugged in to look for fault codes? A good scan tool can tell you if the 'key-on' signal is reaching the PCM or TIPM.
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