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My question is about the red reinforcement clip that is on the oil pressure sensor ..
I had the sensor replaced twice and even the pigtail that goes into the wiring harness , and my car ran fine the last two months after having the previous work done . The other day once again error code p0520 . So we removed the intake to have a closer look again .. the red locking pin on the connector , got broken with the last replacement that was done ,so I'm wondering could the sensor have back out over time , or could that locking pin allow the connection to be loose enough to trigger a sensor issue /check engine light with P0520 error code attached

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If it seemed to work OK for awhile, maybe the plastic connector has something to do with it?

The connector is an essential part of measuring oil pressure. The backside of the connector has to 'breathe' atmospheric (surrounding air) pressure. Like a barometer.

If this connector is packed with grease or sealant where it can't breathe, it can set P0520. The connector must be clean & clear for an air-way passage to the switch.
Ambient air pressure is used as a 'zero offset test' for the PCM before the car starts. Then after starting an accurate switch reading is taken.
From the service manual:
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You can splice in a new pigtail with a crimper, wire cutter and a 1000w hair dryer to shrink the protective wrap.
Techs who dont know how to properly release the latch tab can break the plastic.
The repair kit is Mopar part # 5014007AB. See eop copy attached.



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